I Samarbete med Djur & Sånt Tyresö Centrum

Texterna på bollmoraakvarieklubb.org  tillhör BAK och resp. upphovsman, och får användas för ickekommersiella ändamål om du anger källa. Bilderna på sidan får inte kopieras utan tillstånd från upphovsmannen.

Welcome to Bollmora akvarieklubb!

We are a swedish aquarium club with about 100 members of all kinds, young and old, men and women, beginners and "old-timers", with a single interest in common: aquariums. We are located in Tyresö, a suburb just south of Stockholm, Sweden. We have "official" meetings once a month, but also special activities in between, it can be about just everything that is related to the aquariumhobby, from visiting the scientists at the Swedish museum of natural history to gather some members to cook our own fishfood together.

The text on this website is mainly in swedish, but there is two articles and one abstract in english. We plan to translate some more material in the future, but it is not our first priority, so it may take a while. Below is a list of the english texts available for now. But please be welcome to look around in the swedish pages too, there are some pictures here and there which may make it worth the effort, even if you don´t understand the language. As examples, check out the fishpicture of the month or some of the articles, all written by our members.

English material on the BAK website:


Clown loach

clownmini.JPG (6939 bytes)

An article about Clown loaches. Natural habitat, care and some thoughts of how to breed them.



tespeimini.JPG (4891 bytes)

An article about the harlequin rasbora and its relatives. Identification, keeping and breeding.



Revision of the genus Badis. Abstract.

dariomini.jpg (4304 bytes)

World famous ichthyologist Sven Kullander presented a revision of the genus Badis for us on our meeting in february 2003. He also kindly gave us permission to publish this abstract.